The 试试日博备用网站出口计划 consists of several promotional activities for export and offers different kinds of valuable support.

  • 免费的 出口指导 在精通行业的全球业务开发人员的日博备用网站扩张期间
  • 访问 网上美食指南 with detailed advice on labelling, certification, customs requirements etc.
  • 日博备用网站走访, 参与销售促进活动,如贸易展览, collaborations with food retail chains and discount fees for the Food Business Days.
  • 由我们全球日博备用网站网络的专家提供补贴服务. 了解更多日博体育备用粮食加速器出口计划的信息,请参阅 全球商业发展计划
  • Being included in the Try Swedish marketing concept online and in social media (LinkedIn, Instagram)

作为项目的一部分, 我们目前优先考虑在英国的活动, 德国, 荷兰, 日本, 香港, 中国, 韩国, 加拿大, 美国和新加坡(东南亚).

日本公司, 韩国, 新加坡, 加拿大 and the United States get support from a dedicated industry-savvy 业务 developer who is specialised in supporting Swedish food companies in that specific market.


In 日博备用网站, we organise seminars to inform, inspire and develop competences in global expansion. 这些研讨会涉及全球食品贸易的趋势, present 业务 opportunities in different markets and report on successful export initiatives. We also discuss local food-related regulations such as labelling and logistics requirements.

This programme is organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. The steering group of the programme consists of food-related organisations and company representatives with expertise in export promotion. Together with Business 日博备用网站, they decide which projects will be supported and implemented.


Try Swedish is an international brand and marketing concept with a web-based platform that aims to promote Swedish food and drink abroad and get food buyers and food lovers all over the world to discover the Swedish food culture and lifestyle.



We analysed the global export potential of 日博备用网站’s 12 largest food segments. Thanks to their sustainable and agile approach and innovative and safe products, 日博备用网站食品公司有坚实的出口基础. The analysis identified three markets per food segment with high export potential. 整体, 香港, 日本, 加拿大, 对日博备用网站食品公司来说,英国和德国的潜力最大.



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