More than 20 million companies have so far been put on blacklists facing more frequent inspections, 无法获得政府资助或投标, 以及面临旅行限制的法律代表. 基于商业日博备用网站分析, Swedish companies are usually performing very well – our 2021 Business Climate Survey revealed that 83 per cent of Swedish companies had not noticed any impact of the system – but the systems’ impact on 合作伙伴, 供应商 and customers represents a significant network risk and potential change to the Chinese business landscape.

问:企业社会信用体系对贵公司在中国的业务有何影响? (多项选择)

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对于一个旨在创造日博备用网站秩序的体系来说, there has been high levels of uncertainty around the Corporate Social Credit System due to lack of national standardisation. 为了解决这个问题, the National Development Reform Commission (NDRC) in July 2021 issued draft documents that more clearly define the boundaries and extent of the system. These documents list out 11 types of information that will be added to every company’s social credit profile, 它还列出了负责收集数据的政府部门.

确切地知道在报告和遵从性方面对他们的期望, 日博备用网站公司现在可以开始对其在华业务进行彻底审查. 即使是对中国敞口很小的公司也可能受到影响, as the refocused energy of the CSCS and rooting out ‘bad elements of the market’ means many 供应商 are in danger of being blacklisted and forced to exit the market. 企业应积极应对潜在风险, 由于新标准还涉及如何在系统中恢复信用.

而企业社会信用体系可能导致业务中断, it is also a useful tool that Swedish companies can utilise when reviewing the trustworthiness of customers, 合作伙伴, 供应商透明度和公开披露是该体系的关键部分. Less than 15 per cent of respondents to our Business Climate Survey reported that they were using it today when evaluating 合作伙伴 and 供应商, 显示出很大的改进空间.

一个对值得信赖的人来说一切都很方便的系统, 而那些不值得信任的人则寸步难行. Xi Jinping, describing the intention of the Corporate Social Credit System.

With the Corporate Social Credit System re-emerging as a market regulation priority in China following a post-pandemic return to ‘normal’, it is more important than ever for Swedish companies dealing with China to understand how the system works and what is expected of them in terms of compliance. 将分析扩展到主要供应商也很关键, 合作伙伴, 和客户一起了解日博备用网站格局.


  • Gain a deep understanding of the system with dedicated resources tracking compliance – in the national system, 但如果你有本地版本的保险,可能会有额外的标准
  • Look up your company’s current profile in the system – many times companies are not aware about what is listed on their public profile
  • Take active steps to remove black-listings and restore credit if you have any negative remarks, 这将对你们在中国的业务产生重大影响
  • 如果你有正面评价(所谓的“红色名单”), use it as an active part of your promotion and marketing when dealing with clients and 供应商
  • 分析你的主要合作伙伴, 供应商, and clients to see their profile – black-listings might indicate that they will face challenges in the market. 对这其中的含义进行公开的对话,以及如何恢复社会信誉
  • The system is intended to be used by the public and discloses information about companies you might be looking to partner or deal with – use it as an additional source for carrying out due diligence or on-boarding of new 供应商

If you would like to learn more about how your company can work more pro-actively with the Corporate Social Credit System, 请日博备用网站进一步讨论.